Year: 2017

North Korea says that if the US Does Not Quit Blackmail, It won’t Abandon Its Nuclear Missile program

On Saturday, the totalitarian regime in Pyongyang announced that it would never abandon its ballistic nuclear missile program if the United States government together with its allies continue to blackmail them on their doorstep. The statement was released by the official news agency in North Korea, Central News Agency, which said that the US was

US president Trump Says That Chinese Authorities Have been Caught Exporting Oil to Pyongyang

On Thursday, the US president said that he was utterly disappointed by the Chinese government for allowing Oil exports into North Korea. The US president said such a move by Chinese authorities would deter the realization of a peaceful solution with Kim, Jong Un’s totalitarian regime over the ballistic missile program. The disregard of already

The Chinese government blames the US for not doing enough to reduce opioids demand

The Chinese turned the table on the United States on Thursday in addressing the ongoing crisis of opioids in America. A senior Chinese official from the Ministry of Public Security’s Narcotics Control Bureau, Yu Haibin, noted that the most significant challenge that China faces in dealing with the smuggling of opioids is the high demand

Many Leaders See the US in Treat as Trump Makes Claims That he is Boosting America’s Influence

The Chinese government has assumed the global leadership role in the fight against climate change. This is a mantle that has been previously held by the United States primarily during the Obama administration. The peace process in Syria has been taken over by the Russians which was once the pride of the Americans to lead

The Clouds Of storm Gather over Korea; James Mattis

The US secretary of defense, James Mattis, has given a stern warning to Pyongyang that confrontation with the United States may be imminent. He said that clouds of a storm were gathering over the Korean peninsula while in a meeting with diplomats trying to resolve the standoff regarding Kim’s ballistic nuclear missile program. In a

Strong U.S. Consumer Activity Heading Into 2018

Both key capital goods and overall U.S. consumer spending gained serious momentum in November and look set to continue to year’s end. There is some concern among economists, though, that consumer spending is being too propped up via credit: household savings, which normally slump around Christmas time, have really been down recently. The Department of

Cryptocurrencies Are Flawed But They Have Value

As the price of bitcoin surges financial analysts, speculators and others have debated whether the cryptocurrency has any true value. After all, trading it is difficult and it has extremely low liquidity. You can’t simply trade bitcoin for dollars. There are several factors that are discouraging to those interested in seeing cryptocurrency gain legitimacy. Most

The Appointee to the Supreme Court by Trump Pushes the Conservative legal Agenda

Just eight months after he was appointed as a United States Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch has through his votes in the adjudication of the nation’s laws indicated that he is pushing the right Republican agenda. This is in line with what President trump promised when he nominated Gorsuch to sit on the Supreme Court

The FBI warned That Russians Would Interfere with Trump’s Presidential Campaign

After Donald Trump was given the Republican nomination to run for president of the United States, the FBI gave a warning that foreign enemies including Russian hackers would probably infiltrate his campaign efforts. The warning was delivered by senior officials from the federal agency in the form of high-level counterintelligence briefings. Hillary Clinton, the then