Get your kids involved in baking from early age, experts suggest

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Baking is an art and while professionals spend years mastering it, children can start getting involved with baking at an early age to learn a number of things from it, experts suggest.

Experts are of the opinion that through baking children can experiment with new flavours as well as learn about new ingredients by taste and smell. What they absolutely love, is decorating and frosting their own dessert, each one creating their own little masterpiece with colours, sprinkles and toppers.

Baking involves lots of moulds and shapes and hence children will be able to identify shapes and other fun activity through baking. There are various shapes of cookie cutters such as circle, square, triangle, you can let them use it and ask them what shape of cookies they have made. The same can be done for animal cookie cutter and the list is endless.

Baking can enable children to expand their imaginative skills. Give them piping bags with frosting to write their name on the cake, or let them decorate the cake the way they want to, experts suggest.

Through baking, children can learn about colours. Let them experiment what happens when they mix red with yellow, they will get orange colour. It is fun yet it is educational.

Baking increases perseverance in them. The kids will learn hard work can result in something so yummy and rewarding. Also there will be time when the recipe doesn’t turn out to be that great but that too helps a child to learn how to cope with disappointment, and the importance of trying again.

Sense of gratification that one gets after stimulating kitchen activity will be visible on your child’s face. It not only gives them a sense of gratification and achievement, but also helps strengthening the mother-child bond. Of course, not to forget the heaps of applause they’ll get from their loved ones who will relish these goodies.

Baking helps in understanding measurement and volume. Making a cake can teach kids how different amounts of substances (butter, sugar, flour) may weigh the same but have a different volume.

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