Microsoft Stream video service available commercially

Microsoft stream

Microsoft has made its Microsoft Stream video service available commercially thereby offering organizations around the world a platform on which they can host their internal videos as well as collaborate.

Microsoft Steam is being described as an “enterprise video service that enhances collaboration and productivity for business users across an organisation”. The Windows 10 maker notes that if an organisation is struggling with internal videos and they are finally ending up on YouTube, the Microsoft Stream is the answer.

In a blog post, James Phillips, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Applications Group, listed out the features of the new service: Intuitive design for ease of use; ability to upload, share and manage videos as well as a personalised homepage with trending videos, followed channels and other important content. The service also offers a seamless experience across devices and screens.

The service will be free to use for companies already using the Office 360 service. Others will have to opt from two plans, one at £1.87 per user per month and ther other at £3.11 per user per month. The second plan offers more features like speech to text, face detection and audio transcripts.

Upping the game in the video space, Microsoft is offering searchable text for transcribed audio allowing users to jump to any point in a video they are spoken. With the face detection users will get a clickable timeline indicating every place a face appears. Also, time codes in the comments section allows users to quickly get to a specific point in the video. Microsoft Stream also uses built-in encryption and authenticated access to ensure videos are shared securely.

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