A War With North Korea Could Devastate Humanity And The Global Economy For Years

The political situation between North Korea and the United States has always been a nightmare. North Korea represents everything the United States and other countries fear the most. That fear is an old fashion totalitarian dictatorship that takes rights and just about everything else away from the people. North Korea has been marching to the beat of war for centuries. And the President of the United States seems to be picking up that beat. Donald Trump is lighting a flame, and that flame is getting brighter with every tweet. Trump has a different concept of diplomacy. And that concept could completely change people’s lives in countries around the world.

The loss of life in that conflict would be monumental. According to recent reports from an army general, mega-millions of people will move to their next life in the first four hours. There’s no telling how many people will suffer physically and mentally. But there’s little doubt everyone aware of the war will never be the same.

A war with Korea would be a disaster for the global economy. South Korea is a major supplier of liquid crystal for electronic devices and TVs. The country is also one the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Plus, three of the biggest shipbuilders are in South Korea. Shipping lines would shut down. Chinese ports could close, and the U.S. Federal debt will increase by at least 30 percent. The economic cost of such a war would throw the economies of countries in the west into recession mode.

Even the talk of war impacts the economy. The Dow Jones lost 130 points August 9th. Apple and Goldman Sachs were the biggest losers. The S&P 500 also took a 0.8 percent hit. In fact, equity prices are falling all over the world from the war talk.

According to some analysts, Chief of Staff John Kelly is the man who can get Trump to calm down on Twitter. As soon as Kelly took over in the White House, Trump went to New Jersey for a working vacation. Kelly is communicating with Trump, but Trump is still being a tweetaholic.

But in order for Trump to use military force against North Korea, he must get America’s approval. Plus, the United States must get UN approval and follow international law. As a member of the United Nations, the U.S. must maintain credibility and solid relationships with UN members. But


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