Equities First Holdings’ Global Success and Expansion

Equities first holdings is a global lender that offers clients financial solutions and supplies loans against stocks. Finding collateral for a loan can be a problem, especially when you are a business person. Equities first holdings have however moved the line, enabling customers to access loans using their trading stocks.

Equities First Holdings is a dedicated company that has completed more than 650 transactions. Through this company, people can obtain loans at low fixed interest and grow their personal and professional interests.

Since its inception, Equities first holdings has gained recognition in Europe and also extended to Asia. It has offices in nine companies and looking to grow even larger. The company’s focus is on ensuring that everyone can pursue their dreams by giving them access to finances. Equities first offers efficient and reliable solutions for businesses and individuals.

Anyone with trade stocks is welcome to partake in the greatness of easy access loans. Investors can access funds fast and efficiently which is crucial to business growth. All transactions are tailored to suit the client needs. Through the growth and expansion of Equities first, more customers can get loans at low-interest rates against their shares.

Equities First Global Expansion

The company has its roots in Europe, but over time, it has grown and spread to other parts of the world. In 2014, after the grand acquisition of the company, the president described the year as an expansion year. The consolidation of Equities first holdings also took root.

The transformation of Equities first in 2014 saw to its greatest global reach. Five new offices, established in Asia, Europe, Australia and the US. This was the first step towards the company newly achieved global success. The expansion paid off as the company gains more recognition, grows their margin and more clients grow their dreams through the financial capabilities of equities first.

The inevitable expansion of equities first was as a result of a growing client base and a global following. To quench this world need, the company expanded to other parts of the world which has been a very successful move. The growth and expansion of the company does not, however, compromise on the quality of service.

Equities first have an unaltered dedication to serving each client by paying attention to their unique needs. Offering custom financial solutions is one of the values that equities First professionals partake. Every customer is valued, and their needs put first, the company helps you evaluate your financial situation and offer a solid way forward.

Equities First Holdings Success

With expansion comes more responsibility and often, many companies derail their success when they take on more responsibilities. Equities first holdings have managed to remain at the top and increase their success margin even after growing into more parts of the world.

The global success of the company is due to the strict guiding principles and values that have catapulted it into a world leader. The growth of the company is still ongoing as its services and customer relations grow even better with time.

The main reason why equities holding is a great success is the investment model that they utilize. By understanding the business market and the trends, the company stays on top of their game. Having a large pool of information and keeping up with the changing trends is crucial in helping clients and growing the business. The president of equities first said that not many commercial banks and institutions could offer non-recourse loans with low interests, this is why equities first continue to succeed since all the focus is on providing Equities based loans. This makes the company unique and efficient.

Equities first loan process

Securing an Equities based loan is easy when your financial partner is Equities First. The five step easy process enables clients to access loans fast and easy. The lending and acquisition process is speedy and dependable which includes:

I. Initiate contact

Before approaching Equities first, it is important to have all the documents about your collateral in order. Once you have this, contact Equities first with the details and the amount of money you need.

II. The valuation process

After receiving the loan request and collateral information, the company then determines the terms of your loan by coming up with the fixed interest rate and the loan to value ratios.

III. Terms of the agreement

The company requires that you carefully examine the terms of the agreement and then proceed to sign over your stocks to the company. Your collateral moves to a custodian account, and the loan transfers to you.

IV. Transfer

After the terms of the agreement are in order and agreed on by both parties, a simultaneous transfer of your shares and the loan amount occurs.

V. Return of your collateral

During the time that Equities first finances you, you will pay the interest that you agreed on and at the end of the financing period, you get back your collateral in full after paying the funding issued.

Many businesses, individuals, and companies have benefited and conducted successful transactions with Equities first. The financial conduct authority of the UK regulates equities first dealings. The company transacts non-recourse loans and the client keeps all the upsides of the market.

In a recent press release, May 2017, equities first holdings successfully gave back all the collateral to Paysafe Group that completed their loan repayments. The agreement made with Paysafe group CEO in 2014, finally came to a successful end in 2017. This is marked as a success on Equities first’s calendar and a new opportunity for more business with Paysafe group. After paying off the loan, it takes five business days to have all the stocks fully transferred back to the client.

Paysafe group is one of the many companies that equities first has been in business with. Many other transactions are underway. Every year, equities holdings provides many investors with shareholder loans. As discussions and transactions with potential and existing customers continue, the CEO Al Christy Jr expresses her delight in the company’s success, maturity and growth. The growth of Equities First in London and other parts of the world ascertains the strength and commitment of the company to serving and bettering businesses and individuals through low interest rates and stock based loans.

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