Many of Trump’s Senior Officials are Choosing to Ignore Him

Many federal, state and local officials are choosing to ignore Donald Trump as the administration’s lies and contradictions continue to mount. The government now chooses to bypass the man elected to lead it as he continues to talk for the most part to himself.

A case in point is the commandant of the Coast Guard choosing to ignore Trump’s words that transgender individuals can no longer serve in the military in any capacity. Senate Republicans are also choosing to move on to other business despite Trump’s continued pleas to pass some type of Obamacare repeal.

The secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, stated that it is not China’s fault that North Korea continues to push the nuclear envelope, while Trump says the Chinese can solve the problem. In addition, the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed sanctions on Russia and other countries despite little support from the president.

A former Justice Department official under President George W. Bush stated it is incredible to the extent at which Trump’s senior officials act as if he is not the commander in chief. The former official stated there has never been a president so regularly ignored despite his repeated tweets that seem to bark out orders.

Trump’s senior officials are not the only ones ignoring him. Law enforcement agencies across the country announced they will not follow the president’s position to treat violent criminals rough, although the White House stated the president’s comments were a joke.

Trump’s continued attempts to discredit intelligence officials findings on Russia’s hacking of the presidential election has fallen on deaf ears with most of his senior staff. The director of the CIA and director of national intelligence both agree there is no doubt Russia hacked the election. Additionally, Trump’s continued attacks on Jeff Sessions has little backing from Republican leaders in the House and Senate.

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