President Trump Will not Attend The Kennedy Center Awards

According to the New York Times, President Trump and Melania Trump will not be attending this year’s Kennedy Center Honors. The report was released by the White House late on Saturday. According to the report, the reason for this is to ensure that there is no political distraction for the people who will be involved especially the honorees. This decision only intensifies the position that the president has found himself in the past few days. The president has become isolated by his advisors, Senate Republicans and even close friends for the comments that he made about Charlottesville protests. Following his comments, senior business executives deserted him, and this led to the president disbanding the Strategic and Policy Forum that he used to chair. Things became difficult for Trump when all the people who used to work for his Committee on the Arts and Humanities decided to quit. This came after the news that Stephen K. Bannon had quit his position as the chief strategist. Stephen had come under stiff criticism from the White House aides including the president who accused him of leaking information. Stephen is just a recent case of the people who have been fired from the White House.

This means that this is the fourth time that a seating US President will not attend this program since it was established. For the 40 years it has existed, only Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter have missed this summit. As for Bill Clinton, he was travelling to Budapest while George Bush was attending a meeting with Mikhail S. Gorbachev in Malta. On his part, Jimmy Carter was addressing the Iran hostage crisis back in 1979. However, the statement noted that the president and first lady had congratulated the nominees for the accomplishments that they had recorded in various fields. Explaining the decision, Deborah F. Rutter who is the president of the Kennedy Center mentioned that this was after a serious conversation with relevant stakeholders about the latest twist of events that surrounded the president. She insisted that the center didn’t ask the White House to withdraw from the event. However, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the decision saying that presidents look forward to this event. The Kennedy Center is known for honoring people who have achieved in various fields such as culture, television, film as well as dance. The awards also honor people in music and art. A gala for the event has also been cancelled.

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