President Trump’s Comments Criticized

President Trump is always making news for all reasons. Just yesterday, President Trump lawyer decided to forward an email to friends, government officials and conservative journalists about a certain movement in the United States called Black Lives Matter. According to the email, the Trump administration believe that this group has been infiltrated by people with bad intentions including terrorists. The email also brought to light the secessionist Civil War Propaganda. The New Times reported that the email had been forwarded by John David. John David is one of the leading lawyers who represent the president and is also part of his legal team. At the same time, this email referenced the American Revolution to the Southern Rebellion. This email was meant to reinforce the message that was sent by the president that both sides in the Charlottesville protests were to blame. These are protests that received worldwide condemnation and resulted in the death of a woman who was a counter protester. These protests had been organized following the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. According to the email, the president expressed his opinions that people cannot support George Washington and at the same time be against General Robert E. Lee.

According to the New York Times, this email is centered on the Charlottesville controversy. Many people were injured when white supremacists crashed with counter protestors. Things turned deadly when an Ohio man drove a car into the crowd. On Tuesday, President Trump mentioned in a news conference that both sides were to blame. However, the words of the president have received wide condemnation as people say that he is supporting white supremacists as well the Ku Klux Klan. Some of the people who received this email is Mr. Dowd. He says that he received the email on Tuesday. Having read the email, he saw it important to forward the email to other people. He says that he forwarded the email to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Fox News and a senior official in Homeland Security Department. The email originates from Jerome Almon who is known to run many websites. These websites are known for conspiracy theories about the government. He has even argued that Islamic terrorists have infiltrated the FBI. According to the email, the Group Black Lives Matter is responsible for the violence that was experienced in Louisiana and Texas where police clashed with protestors.

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