Angela Merkel Holds a Meeting to Address Climate Change

When it comes to the fight against climate change, German Chancellor is always at the forefront of ensuring that her citizens implement the necessary mitigation measures. This has resulted to Merkel being referred to as the climate chancellor. However, she has been in the spotlight in what the critics call the ignorance related to diesel emissions from German automakers. However, Merkel has explicitly said that she is addressing the issue. Germany is expected to go to the polls on 24th September with opinion polls suggesting that Merkel will retain her seat as Germany chancellor. To address the issue of diesel emission, the chancellor met with mayors from 30 German cities. During this meeting, they discussed the issue of climate changes as well as how they would double the money that cities get for fighting air pollution. The issue of diesel pollution has been ongoing for a while with the Chancellor accused of coziness when it comes to companies in the automobile industry. This meeting was made possible by pledges from her government members as well as industry executives who said that they would support diesel usage. They argue that diesel plays an important role in bridging technology. Major carmakers that have received criticism include BMW, Daimler as well as Volkswagen. Volkswagen, for instance, has had to pay fines worth billions of dollars in the US for cheating in emission tests using special software.

During the meeting, the German chancellor said that they were running out of time and the necessary changes need to be implemented to fight these emissions. However, this has not been enough to the opposition as they accused Merkel of doing little. For instance, Green Party leader Katrin Goring- Eckardt said that the recent talks are short term solutions that will only benefit municipalities increase their revenues. Where the government cannot do enough, local government officials are taking matters into their own hands. After they have been subjected to pressure from the European Union and their own citizens, they are considering suspending diesel vehicles from cities. A good example is Stuttgart which happens to be the home to Porsche and Daimler. The city is currently in court with relevant stakeholders after it passed a law to ban diesel vehicles from the city. Other cities considering the move include Munich which is the home of BMW. There are other cities in Europe such as Athens and Madrid that have announced that they are considering laws banning diesel vehicles.

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