Facebook in Russian Meddling Investigations

News have emerged that Facebook might contain important information about how Russians interfered with the US elections. In a report that was released by the CNN, it was revealed that a shadowy firm that has links to the Russian government was responsible for creating thousands of ads that run before the election and after the election. According to Facebook, the ads by this company were geared towards sending a political and social message to a chosen group of Americans. Some of the issues that were discussed by these ads include gun rights, immigration and race. Facebook has also released information saying that these ads were acquired by fake accounts. Using assumed identities, the digital guerilla Russian marketers aimed at spreading information that was supposed to disrupt the American electorate and at the same time sway the US presidential elections. It was revealed that the message was disseminated to specific regions to achieve maximum political effect. According to the CNN report, close to 2,000 accounts were created. The report also said that it cannot rule out that more accounts were created. However, the details of the ads is not clear. For instance, no one can say how the ads looked like. At the same time, no one knows the specific information and the number of Americans that likely interacted with the ads.

Nobody except Facebook knows the geographical locations that were affected by these ads. People can only speculate whether they targeted swing states and counties. Facebook claims that most of these ads were in use in 2015 compared to 2016. Facebook could not reveal whether the targeted people were from specific philosophical groups as well as demographic groups. This could mean that Facebook doesn’t also understand the extent of the duping. On its part, the social media giant says that it is working to ensure that something like that don’t repeat in the future. Facebook has also announced that it’s cooperating with the justice department officials to understand the level of the compromise and how they might have helped the Russians sway the US elections. For instance, it was revealed by the Wall Street Journal that Facebook agreed to hand over documents related to the ads to the leading counsel Robert S. Mueller. Facebook says it cannot respond to the issue due to the federal law that prohibits involved parties from talking about an ongoing investigation. The company is also pointing to the Electronic Communications Privacy act.

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