More Trouble for Martin Shkreli

It has been a tough month for Martin Shkreli as his latest actions are likely to cost him his freedom. This comes amid an investigation that he is about to be jailed for. Having been granted bail earlier, federal prosecutors decided to rescind the move. Martin Shkreli was accused of harassment and threat in these recent accusations. This time, Martin decided to threaten Democratic presidential loser and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton. The federal prosecutors now argue that Martin Shkreli is a real danger to the community. For instance, federal prosecutors referred to comments by the former entrepreneur. He said that he would reward $5000 to someone who brings him the hair of Hillary Clinton as she is scheduled for a book tour around the United States. The prosecutors say that the latest comments are increasing the expenditure of the United States Secret Service as they protect Mrs. Clinton. At the same time, the prosecutors say that some of Martin Shkreli’s social media users could take his words seriously. This has happened before after Martin Shkreli wrote a reckless comment on social media. US District Court Judge Kiyo Matsumoto directed the defense of Martin Shkreli to avail their defense by Tuesday. This is the same judge who presided the trial that saw Martin Shkreli convicted on three charges. Initially, eight charges had been brought against him. Martin Shkreli fell for securities fraud related charges.

The case will be heard on 14th September. Martin Shkreli took to Twitter to say that he was joking. He joked that presumptive agents protecting Mrs. Clinton are hardworking gentlemen. At the same time, he urged the government to spend time investigating Mrs. Clinton and not him. While his defense is working on an appeal to overturn the conviction, the former chief executive officer could go to jail for 20 years. The fact that he doesn’t have a prior jail record could work to reduce the punishment. On Friday, Benjamin Brafman who is a defense attorney filed a motion to dismiss and overturn the guilty verdict against Martin Shkreli where he was charged for conspiracy to commit securities fraud. While the federal prosecutors were arguing against bail for Martin Shkreli, the noted that he made two public statements that could be deemed as harassment to women. Martin Shkreli is already banned from Twitter for harassing Lauren Duca. This is a freelance writer who had written an opinion article about President Trump.

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