Why Some Entrepreneurs Become Rich

The Trump administration is full of surprises, wrong decisions, and now contradiction. For instance, in a recent Supreme Court Case that involved the right of workers, the Trump administration decided to take a different stand from the one that was taken by the Obama administration. The new administration feels that workers ought to refrain from bringing lawsuits against their employers. A former Labor Department solicitor by the name Patricia Smith said that this scenario is quite unprecedented. However, the justice department explained that every administration has a right to express their stand on Supreme Court cases acquired from a past administration. Reports obtained by the New York Times confirms that the Trump administration has suggested a 40 percent cut for government agencies that are involved in research related to workplace hazards. As the same time, the Trump administration has said that it will do away with the $10.5 million that goes towards non-profit organizations and unions that help educate workers on illnesses and injuries at the workplace. This is happening despite the American worker rights being the core of Trump’s campaign last year. This is not a surprise that a Republican administration is going for labor friendly policies. Apart from pleasing Americans, President Trump has always held the belief that entrepreneurship is an important part of American success.

The president uses his success as an example. He talks about the risks and the rewards that can be associated with entrepreneurship. For instance, the president emphasized on the entrepreneurial accomplishments of the officials he appointed to his cabinet. In a recent bill that supports women in leadership, the president praised the move saying that the bill will be critical in helping millions of Americans rise out of poverty. In a small-business event that was held at the White House last month, the president said that he was honored to be part of such motivated people. National Retail senior vice president David French said that the president had been very clear on telling people what his agenda is. This comes despite criticism that he does not pay attention to policy. In a 2011 book, Trump talked about how people from all walks are looking for jobs. He also mentioned that there is quite a number that has embarked on creating jobs and businesses. This book is called “Midas Touch; Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich and Why Most Don’t”. He wrote the book with the help of Robert Kiyosaki, a financial expert.

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