Month: October 2017

Tony Podesta Resigns from the Podesta Group

The New York Times yesterday confirmed that Tony Podesta had left his position with the Podesta Group. Tony Podesta is a well-known lobbyist from America. Other than being a lobbyist, he is a renowned Democratic donor who has given millions for liberal and noble causes. People familiar with the situation confirmed that he had left

Tactics Being Implemented by the Russian Government

It has become apparent that Russia has been using oil as a geopolitical tool. This has enabled the country to acquire significant power around the world while at the same time sabotaging the interests of the United States. However, it has been reported that Russia is likely to run into trouble for putting its money

Was Natalia V. Veselnitskaya Telling the Truth?

The New York Times has learned that Natalia V. Veselnitskaya attended a meeting at Trump Tower last year to meet Trump officials with the hope that she would interest them with the material she had about the Democratic Party. She further had some damaging information about Hilary Clinton that would jeopardize her presidency. This meeting

Reasons for Few Women in Japanese Politics

Kaori Ishikawa introduced herself to an audience in Northern Japan as a 33-year-old who had three children. Her audience comprised of men mostly. Ms. Ishikawa asked her audience why they wouldn’t elect her as their parliamentarian. Japan has ranked as the worst country in women in leadership positions especially politics. In fact, the country has

Voting Against Dallas County Schools Bus Agency Could Hurt Dallas Area Students

In spring, lawmakers passed two bills that may see the demise of the Dallas County Schools (DCS) bus agency unless voters decide to keep the agency on November 7th, the general election date. What is DCS? Dallas County Schools (DCS) is a county school district that offers full service or supplemental student transport services to

Generic ballot predicts Democratic gains in 2018

According to The Washington Post, a new CNN poll has good news for the Democratic Party. The poll asked voters if they would vote for a generic Republican or a generic Democrat in the 2018 elections. Voters favored the generic Democratic candidate by 16 percentage points, 54 percent to 38 percent. Polling experts stress that