College Sexual Harassment in California

The New York Times yesterday wrote an article detailing the events of four women who had met in a Los Angeles suburb to address an issue facing their sons. As a matter of fact, the discussion was so heated such that the waiter in the restaurant they had met in had trouble getting their orders. With these women, each had a son who had been charged with felonies related to sexual assault in college. The article by the Times explained that one of the boys was expelled while another was suspended. The remaining two managed to clear their names. However, due to the nature of the pressure they had been subjected to while under these investigations, it had been revealed that they contemplated asuicide. One of the students was so crushed such that he failed to return to school. The four women revealed that they had been in touch and had shared notes about the whole issue. However, just a few days before these women met, education secretary Betsy Devos announced that she had rescinded the guidelines that were implemented in the Obama era relating to campus sexual assault. In her explanation, the secretary of state mentioned that these old rules went against the principles of fairness. One of the women who identified herself as Sherry Warned Seefeld said that Betsy Devos had addressed the issue spot on.

They further said that college sexual misconduct was being addressed in a wrong way compared to other issues. However, the recent reforms by secretary of state have been deplored by victims’ advocates as well as women’s group. They all argue that this will help worsen the situation in college as these institutions will no longer be required to address the issue. However, according to defense lawyers and legal experts, the previous laws did not favor the accused. Most of these students were regarded as guilty even before they were tried. On the other hand, most of the accused had been represented by their own mothers. These women met with the secretary of education last month who promised them that she would address the issue accordingly. The group that had met Betsy Devos was referred to as Families Advocating for Campus Equality. The group recently testified in front of the Congress and the California Legislature last month. However, their efforts in California were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown. The governor issued a statement saying that it was time to put the issue to bed.

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