Donald Trump Threatens NBC

The White has threatened NBC over a report the news network wrote about increasing the nuclear arsenal of the United States. President Trump said that he would use the federal government powers related to television licensing. The story had been posted online and at the same time aired on the network’s channels. This report claimed that there was a plan by the president to increase the nuclear arsenal of the country by tenfold. The report claimed that the president announced this in a July meeting and this stunned some members of the national security team. The report further said that this is what resulted to the secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson to refer to President Trump as a moron. Throughout the day, the president tweeted about the issue and also said that he would use the power of the federal government to retaliate. The president didn’t let the issue to go away as he re-addressed it when reporters arrived to cover his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the oval office. He said that it was frankly disgusting when the press decides to write any story about anybody including lies. He further said that someone would look into the issue. He, however, said that the media should not be limited to report. Instead, they should speak more and make their reporting honest.

Later in the day, he tweeted saying that the media reporting was not fair to the public. He also talked about the importance of punishing media organizations. According to President Trump, media organizations had become so partisan. He even referred to them as distorted. For this reason, their licenses should be challenged and revoked when necessary. Since Trump became president, he has constantly attacked what he refers to as the fake news industry. This is seen by many as a way of ventilating his grievances on news coverage. He has also used this as a way of re-energizing his political base which has become an enemy of the mainstream media. In one of these attacks, the president referred to these media outlets as the enemy of the American people. Immediate concerns were raised following the attack on NBC where critics said that he was undermining the First Amendment. Former Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler said that these licenses are public trusts. They should not be, therefore, seen as a political toy. He was addressing the president following the threats.

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