John F. Kelly Defends Donald Trump

The current chief of staff of the White House John F. Kelly offered a personal defense for the comments that were made by President Trump during a phone call about a fallen US Army soldier. The president was on a call with the wife of the fallen soldier when he made the comments. The chief of staff used the opportunity to express the trauma that befell him when he learned that his son had been killed in Afghanistan. At the same time, he called the criticism directed to the president as unfair. This public relations mission was also seen as a political attack on some politicians who had seized the moment to attack the president using these comments. His attack was directed to a Democrat from Florida known as Frederica S. Wilson who publicized the call made to Myeshia Johnson. Mrs. Johnson, on the other hand, is the wife of the fallen soldier referred to a Sgt. La David T. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was one of the four US army servicemen who were ambushed and killed in Niger, West Africa two weeks ago. When Mr. Trump called Ms. Johnson, it has been reported that Ms. Wilson was with the fallen soldier’s widow.

She was described by the chief of staff as a publicity-seeking opportunist. He further said that the fact that an elected official was willing to breach the confidentiality of such a call was an indication that there was a decline of values in the American society. He further said that some people in the American society no longer treat life, religion and Gold Star families as sacred. He further said that he was stunned that some members of the Congress could find time to listen to the conversation. He made these comments during an 18-minute speech most of which he was in a somber mood. Due to the frustration that had gotten to him, Mr. Kelly said that he had to walk through the graves at the Arlington National Cemetery just to collect his thoughts. During the speech, Mr. Kelly also displayed some scorn that was directed to the American people who didn’t appreciate the sacrifice made by the military servicemen. Mr. Kelly is a retired Marine General. His son, Second Lt. Robert Kelly died in Afghanistan seven years ago. He had never spoken about the loss of his son till yesterday. And when he did, he broke the story in a remarkable fashion.

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