Tips for a Healthy Skin

Did you know that a good skin is not a matter of DNA alone? In fact, it has been proved by beauty experts that your daily habits can be very crucial in helping maintain the condition of your skin. However, this may differ from the doctors you speak to and the opinions of expert you consult. These experts hold different opinions on how to protect your skin from UV rays and how to moisturize your skin. What you should know is that skin care boils down to the personal decisions you make. While there are plenty of opinions out there concerning skin care, here is list of the opinions that you should consider.

Main steps
When you think about skin care, you should think it in three ways. There is the cleansing which touches on washing your face on a daily basis, toning which is balancing of the skin and moisturizing. The last step is crucial as it involves softening and hydrating the skin. Remember the aim of every skin-care routine is to change your complexion so that it can emerge as the best, according to your standards. At the same time, this is geared towards realizing a change in yourself. This is according to Kristina Holey who is a San Francisco skin-care specialist. She further says that the skin will shift with age. With this in mind, remember that your products should also change. The same specialist says that skin care is not about perception. Instead, you should allow these three steps to become your daily routine.

Importance of time
While all specialists agree that the concept of skin care has been around for a long period, they all agree that there is no instant fix to skin care. As a result, you will require plenty of time before you can reap the benefits of skin-care. This is according to a Manhattan dermatologist known as Dr. Rachel Nazarian, who works with the Schweiger Dermatology. She further says that research and experience have shown that results can only be achieved through consistent use. According to experts, you will require to use a product once or twice in a day for the next six weeks before you can expect any changes. There is a beauty tip that you should apply the products from thinnest to thickest. However, the basic point is washing your face on regular basis. This is because the skin comes into contact with many pollutants everywhere you go.

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