Month: November 2017

The Potential Net Neutrality Repeal Isn’t Looking So Good For Ajit Pai And The FCC

Internet neutrality – rarely referred to in its full form; rather, it’s shortened to net neutrality in most news sources – is the dedication of Internet service providers offering identical amounts of bandwidth – Internet speed – to all their customers, including both business users and consumer households or individuals. As businesses, Internet service providers

Funny Business At The Federal Communications Commission, Central Opposition To Net Neutrality

If you live in the United States of America, you’ve probably heard the phrase net neutrality tossed around news circles in passing weeks. What Is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality, short for Internet neutrality, is the requirement that Internet service providers (ISPs) within the United States of America or those providing Internet connection to American citizens

Canadian Football Takes Bolder Steps in Reducing Injuries

Players of the Blue Bombers say that they recently noticed some changes in their playing gear. This first happened on a chilly morning this season as they were preparing for a playoff game in the Canadian Football League. They had been scheduled to play Edmonton Eskimos in the playoffs. The players said that a crack

One in Three United States Adults Will Avoid Discussing Politics During the Holiday Season

According to the recent article published on, Americans are going to sit for what has now become a holiday custom in the U.S.: tiptoeing through their favorite turkey dinner without mentioning President Trump. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll that was released on Friday stated that nearly 33 percent of all adults are going to avoid

Representative John Conyers Accused of Sexual Harassment

Representative John Conyers is in hot water after he was accused of sexually harassing several women. This is a serious accusation especially for a top Democrat who serves on a number of committees in the House including House Judiciary Committee. At the same time, John Conyers happens to be the longest-serving congressman. Following the latest

Canadian Company Rises Thanks To Eli Gershkovitch

CEO Eli Gershkovitch Receives 24 Awards For Steamworks Craft Brewery

A recent article published by NationalPost, publicized Canada’s strong showing at the U.S. Open Beer Championship where Canadian brewers of craft beer won 24 medals. Ontario brewers won 21 medals, Quebec claimed two and British Columbia scored one win. More than 6,000 beers were sampled by judges from Canada, the United States, and the United

Obesity rates rise in Chicago

As Chicago Childhood Obesity Rates Spike, Dr. Mark Holterman Finds Treatment

Today, children are plagued with a new epidemic in the form of childhood obesity. The number of obese children living in the United States has tripled during the past few decades. Approximately one out of five children from the ages of six through 19 suffers from obesity. When a child experiences obesity, he or she