Day: November 20, 2017

Obesity rates rise in Chicago

As Chicago Childhood Obesity Rates Spike, Dr. Mark Holterman Finds Treatment

Today, children are plagued with a new epidemic in the form of childhood obesity. The number of obese children living in the United States has tripled during the past few decades. Approximately one out of five children from the ages of six through 19 suffers from obesity. When a child experiences obesity, he or she

Market America Products- The Power of Isotonix

Market America products are top of the line, and it’s no wonder that they have leading nutraceutical supplements. Isotonix are just one of the foundational products that just keep getting better and better over time. Using advanced and scientifically sound formulations, Isotonix is available for a range of bodies, ages, and health concerns. These formulas

A Fire Burns a Building in Upper Manhattan

Ramon Ortiz recently talked about his hassle when he moved to the land of the opportunities from the Dominica Republic. This was back in the 1980s, and things didn’t make sense for him first. He used to work as a construction worker in New York. He finally managed to establish a sense of stability when