A New York Woman Shot while Walking

New York Police has confirmed that a woman known as Rosemary Billquist left her office late because she had had some work overload she needed to take care of. This resulted in Ms. Billquist returning home at night, while it was already dark. Her home was situated in western New York. As a result, she settled for Labrador retrievers that were yellow. She also had Stella and Sugar for the 5:30 p.m. walk. This meant that she left her husband in the house that is situated in Sherman, New York. This is a community found southwest of Buffalo approximately 65 miles away. However, the husband reported that Stella and Sugar returned to the house 20 minutes later. They portrayed a strange behavior as they were peering backward while at the same time barking in an unusual way that showed some sense of urgency.

The husband said that the animals knew that an incident had occurred. He also felt the same that something was not alright. He was speaking during an interview on Saturday. Even before he reached out for his phone, an ambulance showed into the area. He was notified by a medic that there had been a shooting in the area. He later got to realize that the victim was his wife. Police in New York later released a statement saying that the 43-year-old woman had been shot by Thomas B. Jadlowski, one of their neighbors. While talking to the police, the neighbor said that he thought he had seen a deer in the field. This is why he fired in the direction once using a pistol. However, he said that he heard a scream once he shot in the direction.

On arriving at the scene, he saw his neighbor who was bleeding profusely. He made a 911 call and kept applying pressure to the gunshot wound. However, the lady was dead by the time she arrived at the hospital. However, the sheriff department released a statement saying that it’s illegal to hunt deer in New York at sunset. The shooting took place at a county known as Chautauqua. For starters, this is a region with a population of 132,000 people who live a rural life depending on agriculture. Mr. Billquist said that he was undergoing some tough moments in his life. He says that his grief has been magnified by the thoughts that the disaster could have been prevented. No charges have been filed yet.

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