A Serial Killer in Tampa, Florida

30 days ago, the death of three people in the Tampa area drove fear into the residents of the peaceful and quiet neighborhood. There was a rumor around that a serial killer was out there targeting people of the Seminole Heights. One month passed, and people had gotten used to peace when another shooting happened. This resulted in the death of one person. The gruesome murder happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning not far away from where the other three murders had been witnessed. The Mayor of Tampa area who has been identified as Bob Buckhorn issued a statement assuring the residents that the shooting ought to stop. He further promised them that they would go after the person who is carrying out the attacks. He was speaking during a press conference yesterday afternoon. The murder happened in the Southeast Seminole Heights according to the police. The victim is a 60-year-old man who has been identified as Ronald Felton. As a matter of fact, the police confirmed that the area that the man was shot was less than a kilometer from where another victim was killed. The previous murder occurred on 11th October and involved a 32-year-old woman who was identified as Monica Hoffa. The police spokesman, Stephen Hegarty, confirmed this information and said that the other victims had died on the spot, just like the latest victim.

According to people who had been on the scene at the time of the incident, the 60-year-old man was crossing the road when he was shot from behind. He was meant to meet someone. Police officers arrived at the scene seconds after the incident was reported. The police spokesman said that they had not identified a motive yet. At the same time, he confirmed that they are treating the case like it was connected to the other shootings. The police confirmed that the victim was shot in the back like the other victims while walking in the dark. While speaking to a local station, the brother of the victim said that their family had been devastated by the loss of their loved one. Witnesses have described the killer as a black man who has a light competition. The police said that the killer was also thin and above six feet taller. At the time of the shooting, he is said to have been wearing black clothes. The police chief in the area, Brian Dugan, said that they believed the man was a member of the community.

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