Canadian Football Takes Bolder Steps in Reducing Injuries

Players of the Blue Bombers say that they recently noticed some changes in their playing gear. This first happened on a chilly morning this season as they were preparing for a playoff game in the Canadian Football League. They had been scheduled to play Edmonton Eskimos in the playoffs. The players said that a crack usually found on one of their gears that they wear during practice was missing. Two months ago, they were warned against slamming their fellow players as they practiced. Deliberate slamming was suspended while practicing. However, during the regular training, it became mandatory to wear helmets. However, shoulder pads were suspended and could not be used in normal practice.

The Canadian Football League has been commended for the bolder move that is supposed to reduce the number of injuries that happen during training. One of the injuries being targeted is the concussion. However, this is not the only place where such decisions have been made regarding training procedures. The Ivy Leaver, for instance, has banned tackles during practices. The Canadian Football League comes to an end this Sunday, and everything is up for grabs as the Grey Cup will be decided on Sunday. To ensure that players have more time between games, the Canadian Football League added three weeks to the current calendar. This means that the league will run for 21 weeks rather than 18 weeks. However, these are decisions that have not gone well with managers and coaches. They complained that the decision had been made in the middle of the season.

As for the league commissioner, he has maintained that nothing will change and the rules will be implemented. Randy Ambrosie used to play in the leagues sometimes back. In fact, he managed to clock nine seasons with the CFL. He said that the new rules allow teams to improve their game. At the same time, he commended the league for working to ensure that injuries are reduced. Finally, he says that it’s a way of showing people that they are progressive as a country and as a league. He appreciates that the decision might be bold and hard. However, he said that they would stick to the decision. Experts, on the other hand, said that the NFL is unlikely to implement such measures in the next few years. Parents are becoming worried that the tackles that their children receive wound affect their health now or later.

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