Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Still Fighting With One Another

This may be the battle that never ends. It is Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Yes, that battle was already hashed out once during the 2016 election, but it has still not completely been worked out. The two still snipe at each other from time to time.

Recently, the President and former-Secretary had a war of words regarding the election as well as the latest round of sexual harassment allegations that have come out about a number of famous celebrities and politicians.

Clinton Interviews

Hillary Clinton had done a couple of interviews on Friday in which she suggested that there is a difference between the type of allegations being lodged against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Minnesota Senator Al Frankin. She wanted to make it clear that the accusations against Roy Moore were of a more severe quality. She also wondered aloud why sexual allegations against Donald Trump did not impact his campaign in a bigger way in 2016.

The President Responses

The President was not pleased with what Secretary Clinton had said about him and fellow Republicans in her interviews. In fact, he was so unhappy with her comments that he made some of his own. Of course, he took to Twitter for his commentary. It has been his favorite outlet to use during his presidency.

He said that Hillary Clinton was “the biggest loser ever” and that her words only continued to help the Republican Party. He also said that if she wanted to continue to comment on such things, then perhaps she should try to run for President again in three years.

Why Clinton Sees Different Allegations Differently

There are different kinds of allegations out there regarding sexual harassment according to the Secretary. She says that Al Frankin handled the allegations lodged about him better than people like Donald Trump or Roy Moore because he apologized for what he had done and agreed to an ethics investigation. The other two men did not make similar decisions. Instead, they have either denied the allegations outright (Roy Moore), or refused to apologize for them (Donald Trump).

This is a debate that will continue to play out in the media. It has a political impact to it for sure. There are those who want to see certain people go down for these allegations just because they are from the other party. Deciding if that is going to be an acceptable thing or not is something that the country will have to grapple with.

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