Germany Falls in a Political Crisis

For the first time in decades, a political crisis has befallen Germany. This is a country that is seen as the anchor of European economy and politics. This has been caused by failed talks on how the government should be formed. This also meant that the country’s chancellor, Angela Merkel was facing the greatest crisis since she joined politics. Experts in Germany say that the failed talks could result in another set of elections. This happens barely 60 days since Angela Merkel secured her fourth term as the German Chancellor. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, is highly regarded as a woman who upholds and protects western values and democracy. While speaking about the issue, the German chancellor said that she was optimistic that she would be able to form a new government. On the other hand, she said that rather than being the head of a minority government, she would prefer the country to vote once again. She was talking to ARD, which is the German public broadcaster. She told her hosts that she didn’t want to rule things out. At the same time, she warned that she didn’t want to sound skeptical. Nonetheless, she revealed that she holds an opinion that new elections would solve the issue once and for all.

This comes at a time when the European Union is facing several challenges. For instance, Spain is fighting a separatism action by Catalonia. Another issue affecting Europe is the rising right-wing populism. Finally, Brexit negotiations are also weakening the European Union. The talks to form a government stopped on Sunday when the Free Democrats walked out of the talks. They later released a statement saying that the talks had been marked by mistrust and insincerity. These are words that were further echoed by Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff. He said that neither of the two parties was willing to form the government. For starters, Mr. Thomas works as a director at the German Marshall Fund. He said that this is the first time that the country has found itself in a compromising situation since 1949. He warned that the standoff might be around for an extended period. Berlin Bureau of Der Spiegel deputy chief Christiane Hoffmann said that the unexpected had happened. He compared the moment to the Brexit or the Trump election. Nonetheless, there were people who were not worried about what was happening. Instead, they said that the country was becoming normal.

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