One in Three United States Adults Will Avoid Discussing Politics During the Holiday Season

According to the recent article published on, Americans are going to sit for what has now become a holiday custom in the U.S.: tiptoeing through their favorite turkey dinner without mentioning President Trump.

A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll that was released on Friday stated that nearly 33 percent of all adults are going to avoid political discussions when they see family and friends over the Thanksgiving as well as the December holidays. About 50 percent said that they don’t expect to talk about politics at all.

The November 8 to 13 polls discovered that a majority of the United States citizens regards politics as one of the least favorite topics to talk about in mixed company during the holidays. People seem to be more interested in discussing religion, or even their finances, with in-laws or cousins than they are in talking about hot-button issues like the Russia investigation, Obamacare, and tax cuts.

Poll respondents stated that they learned to stop speaking their mind after years of dinnertime quarrels over the first black president of the nation, Barack Obama, and then Donald Trump, his successor.

A 77-year-old Trump supporter called Adrianne Beal from Bolingbrook stated that her family learned not to bring up Trump name or talk about politics after a stressful 2008 Thanksgiving. Obama had been elected as the U.S. president for the first term, and Adrianne’s niece called her a racist for not supporting him. Adrianne decided he would not discuss politics again.

According to the poll, 48 percent of adults don’t usually engage in political discussions over the holiday. Another 31 percent are going to avoid political discussions intentionally with friends and family during the holidays, and 21 percent are going to engage in political discussions with others even if they disagree on issues.

The voters of Trump were just as interested in staying away from political discussions as voters who supported Hilary Clinton. Also, Women were more likely when compared to men to avoid politics; baby boomers were said to be more likely that Generation Y (Millennials) to avoid the topic.

Additionally, 62 percent said that politics was among their least favorite discussion topics during the holiday gatherings and meals. Separately, 41 percent stated that topics regarding money and finance were one of their least favorite subjects. Thirty-three percent picked a religion while 25 percent of adults said family gossip.

The poll was carried online in English throughout the U.S. by Reuters/Ipsos; it collected responses from a total of 1,595 adults, and it said to have a credibility interval, an accurate measure of 3 percentage points.

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