Politics Ahead Of Pedophiles? That Is How Some Feel About The Roy Moore Situation

The Republican candidate for Senate in the state of Alabama was a controversial character before this week. His situation became all the worse when allegations about his sexual misconduct towards a fourteen-year-old came to light recently. His name is Roy Moore, and if you have not heard about what is going on with him, you are in for quite the story.

Allegations And Weak Denials

A number of women have come forward to say that Roy Moore behaved in an inappropriate and sexual manner towards them while they were still minors. The youngest alleged victim is a woman who has stated that Roy Moore made sexual advances towards her when she was just fourteen and he was thirty-two.

As these allegations came out, the political world was sent reeling. There were plenty of calls for the man to step aside in his race for the Senate. However, there were also those who decided that they would stand beside the man during this time. These were not family members or close friends, but rather political allies. All of this even as the man himself has done little to deny that these types of things did happen.

Disgusting Display Of Politics Before Principles

One would think that politics would come secondary to the safety of someone who is underage from the abuse of an adult. However, as the National Review discusses in great detail, that is not the case with everyone in this situation. There have been defenses of the man from Republican allies in the state and on social media.

Some of the people defending Roy Moore have made absurd arguments related to the idea that Mary and Joseph from the Bible were also an adult and minor who had a relationship. So, even with all of this furor about what is alleged to have happened, the man himself has refused to step aside in his run for the United States Senate.

What Happens Next?

The race is one month away, and thus far Roy Moore has refused to step aside. It could mean that the Democrat has a better chance in the race than before. It could also mean that the people in the state of Alabama (a deeply Republican state) will overlook this issue and elect the man to high office anyway. Either way, it is a disgrace that people have defended the man in the ways that they have say those who oppose him.

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