Representative John Conyers Accused of Sexual Harassment

Representative John Conyers is in hot water after he was accused of sexually harassing several women. This is a serious accusation especially for a top Democrat who serves on a number of committees in the House including House Judiciary Committee. At the same time, John Conyers happens to be the longest-serving congressman. Following the latest accusation, Nancy Pelosi who is also the Democratic leader has asked the House Ethics Committee to look into these accusations. As we speak, Mr. Conyers is 88 –years –old. Just the other day, he agreed that he had settled a lawsuit in which he had been accused of wrongful termination. The case had been brought forward by female staff who had been fired when she brought forward sexual harassment claims. Mr. Conyers has represented the Detroit area from 1965 up to date. This is an issue that was first brought forward by the BuzzFeed. The magazine further said that the staff had been fired when she refused to sleep with Mr. Conyers. The Times has learnt that an investigation has been opened by the Ethics Committee. On the other hand, the veteran lawmaker has received little consolation from senior Democrats and Ms. Pelosi.

While speaking to the media, Nancy Pelosi said that the Ethics Committee was going to investigate any allegation related to sexual harassment as long it’s credible. She further said that within the House, there will be zero tolerance for some behaviors such as abuse, bullying as well as discrimination. She also said that they would not condone harassment. Late on Tuesday, the president expressed his support to the women who were coming out with their stories. He further said that the Congress had a duty to Americans in releasing the named of those that had settled claims related to sexual harassment. The president himself has also been accused of assault and sexual harassment. Nonetheless, he defended himself by calling the people who accused him as first degree liars. The president called women special. He also said that it was a special moment for them as they were telling the world what they have gone through. The president said that he was very happy that they were expressing themselves. Claims that women were sexually harassed have rocked every corner of America including news media, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Capitol Hill. As for the Capitol Hill, the House Judiciary Committee will prove crucial in solving these allegations.

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