Suing Women who Fabricate Sexual Harassment Claims

For the past few months, social media platforms have seen thousands of women come out with various sexual harassment claims. These claims have touched men from all divide. However, the post that went down in the history of social media as having the shortest life is the one published by Melanie Kohler. A few hours after she published the post, it was brought down. She is also being sued for defamation. This is just one of the many accusations, and lawyers have warned that they are unlikely to stop. A Michigan lawyer known as Mark G. Clark and one who specializes in online defamation cases says that the lid is off. He further says that the power has been brought down to the people offering them an opportunity to voice out their grievances. However, during the process, it has been shown that some people can be malicious and irresponsible. According to the lawyer, Twitter and Facebook have long regarded themselves as neutral platforms. Therefore, they cannot be in a position to side with any side in an ongoing dispute. This is why the aggrieved have resulted to calling lawyers and asking for legal advice. Mr. Clark says that on a daily basis, he receives inquiries from aggrieved people who claim that they have been defamed on the internet.

On the other hand, Ms. Kohler updated her post on 18th October. At the moment, she runs a scuba diving company in Hawaii. While she thought that her goals were narrow, they turned out to have far-reaching consequences. Speaking during an interview later, the lady said that she wanted to get rid of a burden that she had carried in her entire life. This is an ordeal that she had never told anyone. She was talking about a drunken night 10 years ago. During this fateful night, she claimed that she was raped by Brett Ratner. Mr. Ratner is an established director and producer from Hollywood. She said that she was inspired by the wave of national uproar that had been going around related to sexual harassment. She said that the post was supposed to be seen by friends and family. She said that from their reaction, she could feel their love. A few hours later, Ms. Kohler removed the post citing intimidation from lawyers representing Mr. Ratner. This has been followed by a lawsuit against Ms. Kohler by Mr. Ratner who has said that the post was fictional, fabricated and entirely false.

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