Workers in Ohio Refuse to Join a Union

A Chinese company based in Ohio has recorded a key victory against the efforts of its workers to form a union. This has been regarded as a key victory for the Chinese companies especially on how they deal with their workers in America. Chinese companies have been increasing their holdings in America in the last few years. According to the New York Times, the plant is located in Moraine, Ohio. The company is owned by Fuyao Glass, and the workers voted against the move to unionize with 868 rejecting the move against 444 who supported the move. Fuyao Glass America President Jeff Daochuan Liu said that they were pleased that associates at FGA had opted for a direct relationship with the company. At the same time, he said that the company respected the rights of its employees in choosing who represents them. He also said that the company admired the courage of the employees in rejecting a move to unionize as the move would have taken some part of their revenues. However, the organization that had organized this latest attempt said that it was considering filing a motion with the federal board to object the intimidating behavior by the Chinese owned company. The organization is called United Automobile Workers Union and has been organizing the move for the last two years.

The director of the union Rich Rankin said that he was disheartened that some companies were willing to go to greater lengths to ensure that workers don’t receive fair treatment and voice. Workers who voted for the decision to form a union said that they were not satisfied with the management style being used by the company. They said that the style was arbitrary and harsh. They further said that favored workers were allowed to break the rules. At the same time, the less fortunate workers were disciplined for offering suggestions on how they could increase production. There were also some workers that were fired for minor infractions according to the workers who spoke to the New York Times. However, they spoke on the condition of anonymity as they didn’t want to jeopardize the prospects of their careers at the company. However, through Fuyao Glass America chief legal officer Athena Hou, the company disagreed with these allegations. He further said that those who spoke were on a mission of demonizing the company. The company carried out an aggressive campaign against the move to join an established labor union.

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