CEOs Who Might Get Fired In 2018

There are a number of CEOs who face the possibility of having their role with their respective company come to an end. Every year there are some who have to seriously consider that possibility. This year coming up is no different in that respect. There are a handful of them who need to think about this in 2018 in particular.


The CEO of Macy’s may be the least endangered person on this list, but it is true that the company has been struggling in recent years. Despite his best efforts, another seventy Macy’s stores closed nationwide this past year. Still, this is a better record than what some CEOs of the same retail chain have been doing in recent years. Thus, there is a pretty good chance that this CEO will get to hold on to his position for the next year or more.


The giant General Electric has been suffering in a lot of ways recently. They took on a lot of debt to continue to try to build their empire. However, it seems that lately they cannot get out of their own way. Things have not panned out for them in the ways that they would have hoped in relation to their business deals turning the ship around. Instead, the company may have to look for a new CEO in 2018 says CNBC.

Wells Fargo

This company has been under some heat for the types of practices that it engaged in during the financial crisis and beyond. As such, it is no wonder that there are rumors about what Wells Fargo is going to do about their CEO in the future.

Creating phony accounts is not something that you want your company to be involved with, but unfortunately that is exactly what happened at Wells Fargo in 2016. Since that time, many members of the board have been replaced, and an investigation is still ongoing. That being said, the current CEO has to be looking over his shoulder at all times. Some angry shareholders could come after his job as well at any point.


Nothing is wrong with the health of the company here, but will the new CEO be able to get out from under the shadow of the founder of the company? If not, his tenure with Starbucks may be short lived as well. Things could definitely get shaken up in 2018.

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