Many Leaders See the US in Treat as Trump Makes Claims That he is Boosting America’s Influence

The Chinese government has assumed the global leadership role in the fight against climate change. This is a mantle that has been previously held by the United States primarily during the Obama administration. The peace process in Syria has been taken over by the Russians which was once the pride of the Americans to lead the peace talks in the country that has been troubled by conflict since 2001. Russia has only invited the United States to Syria’s peace process as just an observer.

Germany and France are the nations that fellow members from the North Atlantic Alliance NATO, are looking up to for leadership when it comes to global affairs. The United States once led the peace talks to find a lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict where both countries accepted it. However, the government of Palestine has said that it would no longer accept the US as a mediator or even leader the peace process. This was after a declaration was made by president Trump to move the Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

On a wide-ranging address, president Trump highlighted his plans which were meant to widen American influence throughout the globe. Trump was speaking earlier last week on his plan for the issues that affected national security. However, diplomats, world leaders, and experts on foreign policy have argued that President Trump has reduced the American influence in the global stage or altered it in ways that were not constructive just a year after he took office.

Trump has made calls that disqualified the US from a world debate or made it irrelevant on a wide range of policy issues. There is the issue that President Trump is very unpredictable even by nations which have previously poured praises to the Trump administration. One of the scholars at a think tank in New Delhi, Manoj Joshi, said the President could and turns issues and debates inside out unexpectedly. Joshi added that there were low chances that the United States works incredible and coherent strategies regarding national security.

As the United States receded it roles of leadership on the world stage, other emerging powers such as Russia, China, and Iran are stepping up to fill the created vacuum. One of the issues affecting the United States is the incompatibility between the president and those who advise him on matters of national security. For instance, in the last speech on national security issues, Trump dropped climate change from the list saying that there were more pressing matters that impacted on the lives of Americans.

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