North Korea says that if the US Does Not Quit Blackmail, It won’t Abandon Its Nuclear Missile program

On Saturday, the totalitarian regime in Pyongyang announced that it would never abandon its ballistic nuclear missile program if the United States government together with its allies continue to blackmail them on their doorstep. The statement was released by the official news agency in North Korea, Central News Agency, which said that the US was using military exercises in South Korea to blackmail and threaten Kim Jong UN’s administration.

The military exercises are done by the US troops in conjunction with their counterparts from South Korea in military bases that around the demilitarized zone across the 38th parallel. The activities are as a result of ballistic nuclear missile tests that Kim has conducted in the last few months threatening the entire continental United States and her allies. In September, Kim Jong Un conducted the most potent missile test which had the capabilities of carrying a nuclear warhead. In July and November, North Korea launched three intercontinental ballistic missiles into the high seas.

These tests have given a clear indication that Pyongyang is edging closer to attaining a nuclear warhead that could obliterate the United States and her allies. Kim’s aggressiveness in holding the ballistic missile tests have led to economic sanctions to Pyongyang which are meant to starve the missile program to its knees and force the regime to give it up. On its part, the North Korean government led by Kim Jong Un have labeled the embargo as an act of war. South Korea and their chief ally, the United States, have made it clear that they are not willing to hold any negotiations with North Korea before it gives up its weapons of mass destruction and the nuclear ballistic missile programs.

The KCNA released a report on Saturday that Pyongyang had taken bold steps to bolster their self-defense capabilities and preparedness for pre-emptive attacks that would be backed up with nuclear force. KCNA said that these preparations were motivated by blackmail, war drills and nuclear threats by the US and her vassal forces.

The North Korean regime has always been against the military drills conducted by South Korean and American troops in South Korea. However, NATO says that such military exercises are meant to have Seoul prepared to counter any attacks from the North. President Trump was accused by the KCNA of implementing very harsh and hostile policies against Pyongyang and threats that the US would conduct pre-emptive strikes to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

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