Roy Moore Losses The Election But He Won’t Concede

The Alabama race for a new senator is over. Or is it? Doug Jones, the Democratic underdog, won the election. He is the first Democrat in 25 years to win an election in Alabama where being red is almost as sacred as being a “Roll Tide” fan. Jones won the election with 49.9 percent of the vote. Roy Moore, the hard-nosed judge with an alleged teenage girl fetish got 48.4 percent of the vote. All voting precincts are in, but Moore thinks a recount is in order. In other words, Moore is not conceding. Moore thinks the state’s recount provision should kick in because of the narrow victory margin. The state’s recount provision is for races that have a victory margin of a half percent or less.

Moore gave his disappointed supporters a little bible thumping as he tried to hide his anger for losing. He told the crowd God is always in control, and by the reaction of people in Alabama, Moore is right. Having a senator in Washington with the kind of antiquated racist and bigoted views, and a track record for disrupting the human rights of the LGBT community is not a God-friendly thought. Moore’s campaign chairman is pushing for a recount, but the Republican Party wants Moore to go away without a recount. Even Trump thinks Moore is toast. The president tried to use his influence in the state to get Moore elected, but Trump said the write-in votes were a big factor in the Jones win, and according to Trump, “a win is a win.”

Doug Jones is the attorney who prosecuted the KKK after the Birmingham Church bombing that took the lives of four black teenage girls in the 1960s. But the deciding factor in the race was the fact that 52 percent of voters believe the allegations about Roy Moore’s romantic relationship with teenage girls when he was in his thirties, according to a Fox News poll. The Jones moral character rating was higher than Moore’s character rating. That is good news for the country. Fifty-seven percent of Alabama voters think Moore’s moral character is non-existent.

Jones will take his seat in Washington in January, but he will have to start running again next year. Jones is filling the Jeff Sessions seat, and that seat is up for grabs in 2020. The big question in Alabama is, Will Moore run again? Or, will he ride off into the political sunset on his spotted horse?

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