Trump Is Backing Roy Moore And That Is A Powerful Message

Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore is one of those good old boys that uses hate for power. Moore has a history of being a gay hater and a women abuser. Mr. Moore is a bigot, a racist, and a God-fearing man. And in his eyes, he is doing God’s work. He is fighting the sinners and the low-life’s that are turning the country into a den of iniquity. He is the Alabama savior that will bring the evangelical right a win at any cost. And the sad part about that scenario is most of the voters in Alabama are buying what Roy Moore is selling.

Moore is a former controversial judge of the Alabama Supreme Court and an alleged deadbeat who likes to prey on young women. Multiple women say Moore molested them when they were teenagers, and there’s strong evidence to support their claims. But those women don’t matter in the Republican Party. Donald Trump wants Moore on his side, so he can continue to turn American politics into a dirty sideshow. Trump needs Moore in Washington so Jeff Sessions can have a fellow gay basher by his side as he turns the Attorney General’s office into the political version of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Sessions and Moore are from the same Alabama political genetic pool, and Trump is their Eastern cousin.

Mr. Trump believes winning is the Holy Grail of capitalism, and Moore represents a win for Trump. If Moore wins the election, Trump wins. The Republicans will still have the majority they need to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. Moore is a warm body with low morals and no tolerance for immigrants, gays and human rights. He is a slave lover and a misguided Christian that will give Trump the power to set the Senate on fire with antiquated notions of superiority. Trump is backing Roy Moore to keep his destructive agenda alive and to seal the fate of the Republican Party. Trump may think that fate is progressive and great. But there’s little doubt. The real fate of the Republican Party is dissension, division, and shame.

The president doesn’t want the Democrats to win that precious Senate seat. Trump would rather throw women’s rights under the bus than to have the Democrats win. And that is sad news for the people who still believe the American political parties still works for the people, according to Politico and other news sources.

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