US President Trump Says That He Will Have Climate Change from America’s Strategy on National Security

In a new strategy on national security, the Trump administration is set to have climate change dropped from a list of threats in a scheduled press release on Monday. Instead, the President is set to include plans on how the United States will regain its competitiveness in the global economic forum in the new national security strategy. This will represent a sharp deviation from the ideas that President Obama held close to his heart as issues concerning national security.

Obama was on the forefront in the fight against climate change as he argued that it posed a threat to not only to the United States but to the world over. President Obama built bridges of partnership with the community of nations in a bid to contain global warming which was on top of his list of issues affecting America’s national security.

On Sunday, the White House made a statement that the national security strategies set to be released by president Trump are a culmination of 11 months’ worth of effort and hard work. The national security strategy was planned and compiled by stakeholders in the economic, foreign policy and security agencies of government. However, the climate change exclusion from matters affecting national security seems to contradict the opinions of James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense. A senior official in Trump’s administration has said that although climate change has been excluded from the list of issues affecting national security, the importance of environmental conservation and stewardship has been tabled for discussion.

Another government official said that the statement by president Trump was set to remove the United States from the Paris climate Agreement. The official added that the remarks made by Trump would be the guiding pillar on how climate would be dealt with in the national security strategy debate. In a speech delivered by the president in June, Trump said that he was voted to represents the citizens of the United States, not Paris. In that speech, Trump alluded that the Paris agreement limits the US while at the same time goes ahead in empowering some countries with the highest rates of pollution.

The federal website first reported the fact that president trump was going to drop climate change from his strategy on national security. The website quoted a document that suggested that the US government headed by president Trump would vigorously oppose any efforts to reduce the burning of coal, gas, and oil for energy. The website said that most developing countries would require fossil fuels to meet their growing energy demands.

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