Year: 2017

US President Trump Says That He Will Have Climate Change from America’s Strategy on National Security

In a new strategy on national security, the Trump administration is set to have climate change dropped from a list of threats in a scheduled press release on Monday. Instead, the President is set to include plans on how the United States will regain its competitiveness in the global economic forum in the new national

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Adds Clinical Data Platform To Its Product Offerings

The rise of next generation sequencing technology has led to the emergence of many new companies that harness its power to fight diseases such as cancer. However, Eric Lefkofsky believes that molecular data gleaned from sequencing is only one piece of the puzzle. That is why Lefkofsky’s Chicago-based tech startup, Tempus, has just rolled out

GOP Tax Bill Decreases Benefits Of Homeownership For Many Americans

For some time now, United States tax codes have provided incentives for homeownership. These tax breaks were meant to encourage first home purchases with the thought that homeowners would upgrade to more expensive homes as the aged. The intended message to the American people is that to truly qualify as a middle-class family there must

Net Neutrality Imperiled with December 14th FCC Vote Looming

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) is expected to vote on whether internet service providers can prioritize certain websites and web content over others. Treating all websites and web content the same is known as net neutrality, and defenders of the principle worry that December 14th’s FCC vote could roll back regulations that had acted as

Alabama Senate Race Highlights Manic State Of American Politics

The high-stakes election Tuesday for the Alabama Senate seat has perfectly painted the manic state of the American political climate under the Trump administration. It now seems quite possible that a win by Republicans Tuesday can be a long-time loss for the party. Conversely, for the Democrats, a loss Tuesday could easily be turned into

Maine’s Senator Susan Collins May Change Her Tax Reform Vote

Just when the Republicans were ready to have a big “we got you where we want you party,” the senator from Maine, Susan Collins, says she’s not “all in” on the vote to lower corporate taxes. She is not in favor of sticking it to the people who actually make money for these capitalistic demigods.

Trump Is Backing Roy Moore And That Is A Powerful Message

Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore is one of those good old boys that uses hate for power. Moore has a history of being a gay hater and a women abuser. Mr. Moore is a bigot, a racist, and a God-fearing man. And in his eyes, he is doing God’s work. He is fighting the sinners