Month: January 2018

The Director of the CIA Met With His Counterpart from Moscow in the US

Last week, the US government allowed a top spy from Russia to visit the United States despite the sanctions that were previously imposed against him which under normal circumstances would have prevented him from entering America. The top spy from Moscow was supposed to hold a couple of meetings with officials from the US intelligence

The Deputy director For The FBI, Andrew McCabe Steps Down

On Monday, the FBI deputy director stepped down in a move that was widely anticipated. Deputy director Andrew McCabe’s move gave a further indication of the worsening relationship between President Donald Trump and the federal agencies that are tasked with investigating the ties between his presidential campaign and the Kremlin. McCabe resigns from office after

A Critical decision set to be made on the Fate of Syrians in America

This week, the US government will make a decision on whether to allow 6,900 Syrian nationals to continue living in the country or deport them back home to a nation that has been ravaged by chemical weapons attacks, barrel bombs, airstrikes, and starvation. The Syrian nationals enjoy the temporary protected status which gives non-citizens to

America’s National Security is severely being affected by a failed politics in Washington

The convergence of interests involving two separate events has led to a very conspicuous trend in the US. The American national security is seriously being affected by a failed political process by the Republican Party in the halls of Washington. For instance, Australia’s strategic outlook comes with very grave implications. The Conservative majority in Congress

President Trump Noticeably Absent From Negotiations While Shutdown Continues

United States President Donald Trump is the first president to experience a shutdown of the federal government while his party controls both the House and the Senate. Despite this fact, President Trump is sure that the shutdown will result in victory for himself and the Republican party. The President, speaking by way of video to

President Trumps Calls Shutdown Politics a ‘Present’ from Democrats

President Trump seemed to relish the idea of a government shutdown, as he joked in a tweet about the Senate stalemate being a ‘present’ from the Democrats. Last night (Friday), the Senate reached an impasse after attempting to pass a bill that would keep funds flowing to government agencies. The bill failed to pass by