A Critical decision set to be made on the Fate of Syrians in America

This week, the US government will make a decision on whether to allow 6,900 Syrian nationals to continue living in the country or deport them back home to a nation that has been ravaged by chemical weapons attacks, barrel bombs, airstrikes, and starvation. The Syrian nationals enjoy the temporary protected status which gives non-citizens to work and live in the United States because of the risky conditions in their home country. The American government issued a stern warning early this month that there is not a place that is currently safe from war and violence in the Syrian Republic.

However, humanitarian groups have raised concerns that the anti-immigration policies by the Trump administration particularly to immigrants from countries that are perceived to be Muslim majorities suggest that the TPS for Syrians will not be renewed. The January 30 deadline is only three days away where the lives and fate of the immigrants are still hanging in the balance. For instance, a 25-year-old Michael Shakur fled from Aleppo in 2014 and traveled to the United States where he was legally awarded the TPS status in January 2015.

Shakur lives alone in Brooklyn in New York and has had a tough time securing a job as many employers are uncertain when the administration may cancel the TPS status. He has gone ahead to submit an asylum application to the immigration department which has been backlogged by the processing system. However, Michael Shakur has said that he is more than grateful for every second that he lives in the United States all thanks to the TPS.

In an interview, Shakur said that the TPS presented him with an opportunity at a decent shot at life away from the miseries back home in Syria admitting that he left his home country because the prevailing conditions could not support human life. Shakur added that living in Syria was like getting involved in a terrible road accident all the time. He said that in Syria, one was not sure that they would safely return to their houses after leaving in the morning. The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson gave a warning last week that the regime by Bashar al-Assad continues to attack and kill its citizens. Tillerson added that the detrimental state of affairs in Damascus was as a direct result of broken governance by Assad and the failure of the international community to respond to the plight of the Syrian citizenry.

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