America’s National Security is severely being affected by a failed politics in Washington

The convergence of interests involving two separate events has led to a very conspicuous trend in the US. The American national security is seriously being affected by a failed political process by the Republican Party in the halls of Washington. For instance, Australia’s strategic outlook comes with very grave implications. The Conservative majority in Congress has struck a deal to reinstitute the US government with a stop-gap measure which is popularly referred to as the continuing resolution. This resolution will see the federal government operations funded for the next fortnight or so. Just before February 8th, which happens to be the next deadline, another political battle is likely to ensue.

In the prevailing situations, the US military, which is one of the significant elements that are behind America’s status as the sole remaining superpower, is not sure about its funding shortly. This restricts the most potent military force on the face of the planet from making long-term decisions that are utmost importance. The stop-gap measure is one of the most recent own goals by the trump administration. One of the senior members of staff in the US Senate has alluded that the politics in the United States are toxic. The trump administration risks the country from being ungovernable with this self-inflicted deadline on government funding.

The new strategy on US defence policy has shifted gears from combating global terrorism to playing high politics and the competition for high power. Russia and China, which Washington has in the past labelled as revisionist powers are now ahead of the strategies that are being implemented by the Pentagon and their commander-in-chief. Many political commentators and foreign policy experts have said that the response by Moscow and Beijing is long overdue and appropriate in the face of an unstable security environment at the global stage. This has compromised the status that the United States has always enjoyed as the worldwide leader in matters that are involving world peace and stability and also as the leader of the free world.

It is critical for Australia as it concentrates on the value of sharing the burden with allies and the commitment to a new focus on the Indo-Pacific region. However, a speech delivered by the US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis made it crystal clear that the political uncertainty in Washington may end up making the document redundant. He said that without a regular budget dedicated to the region, training and ammunition would not be enough to prevent war in the region.

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