Classroom Protect By Police Due To Content

Florida Gulf Coast University has made the decision to post police guards outside of a classroom in which a class about “white racism” is being taught. This is a Sociology course that has been criticized by many people in recent days. In fact, the professor has received numerous threatening and harassing e-mails about the content of this particular lecture. The talk got so bad that the University felt the need to station police outside of the class reports CNN.

The fear is that just one person who is opposed to this class being taught is all it takes to act out and cause someone serious injury or worse. Florida Gulf Coast does not want to take a chance with that, and thus they have done everything that they can to prevent something like that from happening.

The first day of this class was back on Tuesday, and there were no reported incidents, but the class itself has been the focal point of a lot of controversy since it was announced last fall.

A description of the course as provided by the professor literally includes the bullet point that the class will discuss ways to combat white racism and supremacy. It also says that it will go into the ways in which whites have historically oppressed others who were deemed to be “non-white”.

The class was almost immediately filled up with the maximum number of students that the professor could take on for the course (50), but some who did sign up now say that they worry that someone could do something to try to harm them or their professor. While heading to class this past Tuesday, one student said that he noticed a larger than normal police force stationed around the classroom and that this made him feel uncomfortable.

That same student went on to say that he felt a sense of relief and pride about having attended the class. He also stated that it was the first time that he has been in a class at Florida Gulf Coast in which the majority of the students in that particular class were people of color. He said it was a comforting experience to hear about the stories of people from his own racial group.

The professor of the course is also African-American. He has been the subject of the various threats made by those angry about the course being taught. Still, he persists with teaching it and refuses to back down to pressure or intimidation.

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