New US Sanctions Expected On the Iran Nuclear Deal

The news for an additional economic embargo on Tehran comes as the US president has until Friday to decide on whether to remove other significant economic sanctions on the Islamic state of Iran that were lifted under the Nuclear deal that was signed in 2015. European powers had earlier requested president trump to uphold the agreed statutes of the 2015 nuclear deal arguing that the upholding it was critical for international peace and security. Trump has been a sharp critic of the agreement which facilitated the lifting of economic sanctions when Iran finally gave in to demand to limit its production of nuclear energy.

Mr. Mnuchin admitted to reporters that new sanctions on Tehran were expected to be announced by the United States or the United Nations. However previous reports had alluded that the sanctions were possibly targeted measures against companies and individual citizens of Iran. Trump said that they had continued to look at the regime in Iran and that his government was rolling the economic embargo for Iran out so the world should expect an announcement for more sanctions against Tehran. President Trump said that he would either amend the nuclear deal or completely withdraw from it.

Just in October last year, the US president refused to recertify with the decision that was taken up by Congress that Iran was in strict compliance with the stipulations of the nuclear deal. In a statement to newsrooms, Trump said that Tehran was not living up to the spirit of the agreement. Although reports from Washington have indicated that the decision on whether to impose sanctions was still open for discussion, the president would capitalize on the new measures to fulfill a campaign pledge to the American people that he would rip up the deal on nuclear proliferation with Tehran.

The foreign relations ministers of Germany, France, the European Union and Britain had a meeting with their counterpart from Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, on Thursday in the Belgian capital of Brussels to give a reaffirmation to the agreement. Both Russia and China also backed the nuclear deal. After the meeting, the representatives of the European powers said that they were behind the deal, which they helped negotiate 100%. The chief of foreign policy at the EU, Federica Mogherini noted that the Tehran nuclear deal was working and that it was delivering on the main objective behind its forming. Mogherini added that that was a good indication the nuclear program in Iran was under close surveillance and that the program was in check.

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