President Trump owes the American People Money

The president of the United States Donald Trump owes every citizen of the US money. This does not translate the kind of money that accrues from trickle-down economics that is allegedly supposed to be accompanied by tax breaks to the 1%. This is the kind of money that would afford a paycheck worth $3,239 to every American man, woman, and child on a weekly basis until the end of his four-year term in the White House. The reason behind this pay is that President Trump has cast the American citizenry in his reality show that has since seemed to be dysfunctional and the American people deserve a paycheck for that
The amount has been arrived at by considering the minimum weekly pay by SAG-AFTRA union for being in one of their reality shows on their network. Many may argue that American citizens are not members of a cast in an actual reality show, but we are being forced to act like we are in one. President Donald Trump is also running his administration and the entire US government as if he is the production manager at a B-reality show. The president of the United States has allegedly said to his aides and administration officials to think of each day of his presidency as an episode in a show in television. Trump has proceeded to do just that with his cursing, name-calling, public brawls, pitting his aides against each other and public firings.

This is very synonymous with what he did on his television show on The Apprentice. Moreover, it is not just his statements that pile up tensions within his administration and around the world including in the Korean Peninsula, it is his course of action too that cook a sense of heightened tensions and drama. Meanwhile, there are numerous moments to recall when he is acted in a way that does not reflect the most powerful office in the world but a few of them are conspicuous. For instance, he ordered a ban on immigrants who hailed from countries that had a majority Muslim population which sparked protests in many American airports.

Then there was the rescinding of the DACA program that was enacted by President Obama to protect hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation. This move has left the future of more than 800,000 young immigrants in jeopardy and made them live in fear that they would be denied the right to live and work in the United States.

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