Russia blames the US for Involvement In the Bombing of Its Syrian Military Bases

According to a recent report from Moscow, Russian authorities have alluded that the lasts series of attacks on its military bases in Syria must have taken the assistance of a nation that had advanced technology on satellite navigation. To many spectators, this statement was seen to be aimed at the sole remaining superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States of America. The ministry of defense in Russia has stated that a series of drone attacks had been repelled by its forces on Saturday at Hemeimeem Naval facility and air base in Tartus. The Russian military also added that out of all the attacks, 13 drones were involved. According to the statement, seven of the 13 drones were shot down while the remaining six were forced to land without causing any more damage to the Russian military infrastructure in the troubled country of Syria.

Although the defense ministry in Moscow did not point any fingers to any nation, they made a firm statement that they had they had obtained data that the attacks could only have been facilitated by one of the countries that had advanced technology and know hoe on satellite control and navigation. On the report that was released by the ministry on Tuesday, the Russian intelligence had noted a military reconnaissance plane belonging to the US military flying near the two Russian military bases over the Mediterranean at the time when the attacks were happening. The statement said that the US aircraft represented a strange coincidence. However, the Pentagon has vehemently denied the involvement of any sought in the attacks that obliterated Russian military bases in Syria.

One of the spokespersons in the Pentagon, Marine Maj Adrian Rankine-Galloway, said that it was irresponsible of the Russian government to implicate the involvement of the US military and the coalition forces in the attack without any evidence or basis in fact. The United States government and Moscow have been offering military and financial aid to opposing factions in the civil war in Syria further fuelling the conflict which has lasted for over a decade now and sent more than 200,000 people to their deaths most of them being innocent civilians. Just last month, Vladimir Putin who currently serves as the president of Russia declared that the war in Syria had been won. Putin gave an order that would see a section of the Russian troops in Syria withdrawn. According to another report on Monday by the Kremlin, the Russian forces that had been left behind in Syria were sufficient to neutralize any attacks by Islamist fighters.

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