Stream Energy Standardizes Smart-Life Technology

Stream Energy was first founded in Dallas, Texas, in 2005 right after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. Since then, they’ve changed their legal name to Stream, as their services expanded beyond energy and gas. The goal of the founders was to make the process of choosing and managing energy plans easier for consumers. Since its foundation, the company has become a nationwide provider of essential services that not only make the lives of their customers easier but also promotes an environmentally oriented agenda.

For their effort in redesigning the way energy plans are offered and marketed towards consumers, Stream Energy earned the “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award.” This year, Stream was also recognized as one of the top 10 most trusted retail electric providers in Texas. Today the company operates in eight states in the United States (REW).

Connected Services for a Smart Life

The company offers a wide range of connected life services, categorized as Energy, Wireless, Protective, and Home Services. Each group contains multiple products that are all connected together intended to make a busy life easier for consumers.

Energy Services

Energy supply plans offered by Stream allow the consumer full control of their energy spending. The customer can compare different plans and choose the one that fits their budget and needs. Stream Energy also lets their customers choose between a fixed or a flexible rate for their energy and natural gas plans, in addition to a no-minimum signup policy. In other words, clients can choose if they want to commit for a period of time or go for a month-by-month payment plan. The latter allows them to change or cancel anytime.

Wireless Services

In addition to energy and natural gas service, Stream Energy also offers wireless data plans. They have multiple plans for individuals and families with different needs for text, talk, and data. Stream also caters to customers who constantly call abroad by offering a wide range of international plans that still cover the whole of North America.

Protective Services

With Protective Services, Stream is aiming to bring medical help closer to the consumers. Through their Virtual MD service, consumers can chat with a certified doctor and even get prescriptions that are sent directly to their pharmacy of choice. It’s an affordable and easy way to ask simple health-related questions, without having to wait in line at the doctor’s office. The prescription feature is only valid for non-controlled medication that treats non-emergency health issues.

Home Services

Stream offers Home Services aimed to make a home smarter, by saving time and money for the consumers. Digital Voice allows you to make phone calls through your home or business phone anywhere, given that you are connected to the internet.

Referral programs

Stream Energy has a strong focus on their Independent Associate program, where customers are able to earn money by recommending and selling Stream’s services. This is possible for all four service areas that Stream has to offer. The program has become relatively popular because it allows customers to save on their own Stream service bills. Many customers have even turned it into a solid side income in addition to their main occupation.


Brings Transparency to the Energy Market

One of the main goals that Stream is working towards is making the energy market more transparent for the consumers. The company focuses on educating consumers about how their behavior and life choices affect their energy bill. Some of the things Stream has been vocal about is how typical home devices use energy just by being plugged in despite not being in use.

Another way the company is working towards transparency is by offering a monitoring tool that generates a weekly energy usage reports for the clients. This way, customers can keep track of their energy usage before the bill arrives.

Environmentally Oriented Thinking

After releasing their report on climate change and the repercussions it will have for the state of Texas, the Risky Business Project highlighted a number of Texan businesses for their efforts to mitigate the effects of the climate change. The report outlines some alarming prediction for Texas, such as a doubling in the number of annual days with 95F (35C) temperature, and a rise in the sea level of 2 feet (0.6 meters) by 2050s. The businesses of Texas, the report stated, have been ahead of future policies in trying to adapt their business practices and influence the consumers to decrease the contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Stream Energy was one of the companies to receive praise for their work to promote renewable energy sources through their energy plans. While the company already purchases electricity from wind, solar, and hydro, their customers also have the option to choose a purely clean energy plan for their homes or businesses. In addition, one Stream plan encourages water conservation by providing the customer with a sprinkler controller to regulate water usage.

Helping Those In Need

Preserving the environment is not the only initiative on Stream’s agenda of giving back to the community. The company is also an avid donor to various charities and funds. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Stream donated $25,000 to the Red Cross to help with relief work. Stream also ran a crowdfunding campaign to aid all Independent Associates who were affected by the hurricane and matched all donations up to $25,000. In addition, all late fees were waived for the affected families.

Stream also helps military men and women to keep in touch with their loved ones. Partnering with Cell Phones for Soldiers, Stream donated 1,000 free international calling minutes for those who are stationed abroad in the month of May 2015.

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