Sussex Healthcare Provides Care During Critical Caregiver Shortage

Sussex Healthcare continues to provide elder care

Sussex Health Care provides support services that may seem challenging to find in some cases. The aging baby boomer generation is starting to have health problems that require attention and make them less available to help older loved ones. Sussex Health Care offers a resource that can meet the need as it arises. In America, almost 10,000 members of the generation reach age 65 every day, and many of them need support services as well. The concerns that the Chicago Tribune raised indicate that care providers do not have the available number of workers that they once did.

Achieving Success in a Challenging Field

Sussex Health Care runs 20 homes primarily in the south of England where staffs of trained professionals take care of the needs of older people and give exceptional support to people who have neurological disabilities. The care homes in Sussex can aid aging boomers by providing support for their parents and them as well if they have mental or physical disabilities. The organization offers care for older adults who face physical challenges such as psychological frailty, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The award-winning homes have succeeded in providing more than 25 years of health support services in Sussex by meeting the needs of patients and clients who require high-quality person-centered services. The goal of the organization is to maintain a position as the leader in residential and nursing support services in Sussex and surrounding areas. A commitment to offer the most efficient and highest quality of care that satisfies the needs of clients through a first-rate professional team inspires employees to superior performance.

Leadership at the company relies primarily on two executives who share responsibility. Dr. Shafik Sachedina received his dental training at the University of London, and he serves as Joint Chairman in the company. He is a native of Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania, and he moved to England in 1950. Mr. Shiraz Boghani is Joint Chairman of Sussex Health Care Limited as well, and he serves as the Managing Partner and Director of The Splendid Hotels Group.

Facing a Shortage of Health Care Workers

Even though home care has the fastest rate of growth in the United States, experts predict that it cannot keep pace with demand. The job is stressful and does not pay well, factors that discourage workers from entering the field. Isolation and the lack of training contribute to the high rate of turnover that exacerbates the situation, according to the Tribune. The relief from the stress of providing care for elderly or infirm relatives gives baby boomers a respite, but it may not continue for long. Sussex Health Care has developed a model for assisting people who are frail both mentally and physically. A workforce that cannot serve the increasing numbers who need it creates a cause for concern among boomers as they age.

Providing Essential Services

Paid caregivers at Sussex Health Care and support facilities in the United States provide services that may have seemed ordinary when the people who need them now were young. However, among the aging population, the ordinary becomes essential and often difficult to obtain. They include the activities that everyone needs in daily life to sustain themselves and to present a pleasant appearance. More than half of the homecare workers who help people bath, dress and eat have wages that equal those “for fast-food and retail workers.” The increasing demand for workers and the low supply may cause increases in pay in the coming years. Whether families use a paid caregiver as a temporary respite from daily duties or a permanent arrangement, the ratio of supply to demand creates a growing problem.

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Continuing a Successful Approach

The philosophy that contributes to the success of Sussex Health Care supports the concept that good health involves more than not having an illness. Through a comprehensive approach that recognizes the importance of recreation, leisure and social activities, the management addresses the essential aspects of good health and well-being. The homes provide an environment that encourages each person to participate in activities as much as possible. The events that caregivers select are those that match an individual’s interests and abilities. Many of the homes’ residents can recall old interests and skills with a little practice, and caregivers gently encourage it. An opportunity to learn new skills or acquire new interests provides enrichment that contributes to the enjoyment of life.

A first-class management team leads the independent group of the homes that Sussex Health Care maintains in the south of England. The organization has a policy group that guides the experienced and highly professional team of managers. The approach places the business in a leading position as a provider of nursing and residential care in Sussex and its environs. A primary objective is to ensure the availability and delivery of the highest quality of care for each client by a team of dedicated professionals.

Focusing on Custom Treatment

Sussex Health Care understands that baby boomers need options that offer care that meets their needs and the requirements of their loved ones. The organization provides respite care at the care homes that allows caregivers to enjoy a short break from the pressing duty of caring for elderly loved ones at home. The facilities can give palliative care when clients need it as they become “chronically or terminally ill.” Specialist services comply with the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care that ensures each person of compassionate control of pain.

Until that time arrives, older people can enjoy a place to live with meals, care and social activities in a homelike setting. Many of the homes offer nursing care 24 hours every day, and residents who need various types of therapy can request it. Specialist care for adults or young people who have physical or learning disabilities can receive care at most of the Sussex Health Care homes. The facilities offer specialized therapies, track hoisting, spa pools and multi-sensory rooms that enhance the quality of life for residents.

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