The Regime in Pyongyang Shutting Down As America Ramps to End Repressive Regime

The economic situation in North Korea is deteriorating by the day as the US renews its efforts to bring down the repressive regime of Kim Jong Un which has starved and murdered millions of its citizens. A few week ago, the United Nation’s General assembly unanimously passed the implementation of even harsher trade and economic sanction to North Korea to pressure Kim to abandon his nuclear missile program. The Pyongyang regime has been fueling tensions in the Korean peninsula and fears of an eventual World War III by its stubborn refusal to do away with weapons of mass destruction and the continued nuclear missile tests by Kim Jong Un.

However, due to the continued economic pressure and embargo from the United States and her allies, Kim’s regime will soon yield and give up its nuclear missile program for peace talks that will eventually ease the tensions in the Korean peninsula. Jack Keane, a retired United States military General has said that that the Trump administration is very clear about what it needs to do to bring down the regime in Pyongyang. Keane said that the US government is removing all the incentives that Kim was using as oxygen to fuel his missile program. As a result of the explosive rhetoric by North Korea on the community of nations, The United Nations unanimously passed resolutions that would impose harsher economic embargo on Pyongyang in the whole of 2017.

As of today, these resolutions seem to work as Pyongyang has opened a communication line with South Korea through the 38th parallel in a border village near the de-militarized zone after a whole 24 months without making any formal contact with Seoul. The retired four-star general noted that the economic embargo imposed on Pyongyang was starting to take effect. General Keane said that there was evidence reported from North Korea of severe financial starvation and malnutrition by North Koreans. He also added that due to an embargo on the ban of petroleum products to Pyongyang, most of the gas stations had closed down while long lines characterize the ones that still have oil.

Reports have indicated the American commander-in-chief has ordered USS Carl Vinson to position itself strategically near the Korean peninsula in readiness in case of a conflict. The USS Carl Vinson is a nuclear powered Nimitz class carrier that carries over 100 strike planes. This supercarrier first became known when Osama Bin Laden from its massive decks at sea after being killed in Operation Neptune Spear.

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