A Map Showing Congressional Districts Raises Hopes for Democratic Legislators for A legal Test Soon

A new legal battle is set to be started by a court ruling issued by a Pennsylvania Court regarding the map for the Congressional district’s map. This happens at a critical time just before the mid-term elections scheduled for November this year. The legal battle is meant to reconfigure numerous campaign trails and offer the Democratic Party a boost to their quest to regain control at Capitol Hill. The map outlines the 18 congressional districts in the state of Pennsylvania is supposed to take effect as from May 15 before the Party primaries. The new map overhauls another map that had been drawn by members of Congress from the Republican Party and was widely viewed as one of the most gerrymandered congressional maps in all of the United States.

Republican legislators and party members have said that they will petition the decision of the state court in a federal court. On Monday the State court which comprises of a Democratic majority voted a 4-3 majority to impose the new map into legitimacy. The Pennsylvania delegation which has been dominated by the Republican Party is set to be changed by the court ruling. The conservatives are now facing the largest challenge in decades with six open seats in the state facing stiff competition from the Democratic Party. Moreover, Republican candidates for Congress in the November mid-term elections are finding themselves in a new landscape politically and have been forced to concentrate on petitioning the ruling by the state court instead of conducting campaigns in their respective jurisdictions.

The new map has put the state Democrats in a better position to win a number of congressional seats in the state especially in the moderate suburbs and the highly populated residential districts of Philadelphia. Republicans have held seats in such areas with most of them being contorted including one that has been labeled as a Goofy Kicking Donald Duck. Rep Ryan Costello who hails from the Republican Party who represents the Suburban Philadelphia district is even in a trickier situation considering that the highly populated Democratic city of Reading had been added to the district by the new map. The map has also changed in favor of Democratic Rep. Bob Brady by removing one of the most populous districts from Philadelphia where a crow of candidates had ganged up to replace the Democratic congressman. The map will see more Democrats will congressional districts and start a career in the halls of Washington which is likely to compromise Trump’s agenda.

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