American Spies Who Sought to Retrieve Cyber Threats Paid Kremlin Trump Secrets

After a couple of week s of negotiations that were carried out secretly, a shadowy Russian national got over $100,000 from American intelligence community promising to deliver stolen cyber weapons from the National Security Agency. While negotiating the deal, the Russian citizen alluded that it would include President Trump’s compromising material from his 2016 presidential campaign. All this informatio0n has been brought to light by the European and American intelligence community. According to senior officials in Washington, the sum was delivered in September in a hotel room in Germany carried in a briefcase. This would mark the first installment of the agreed total amount of $1 million that was negotiated in the deal.

The NSA had been severely devastated by the theft of tools that are used in hacking information systems and databases and there had been efforts by the federal agency to retrieve the entire inventory of what had been missing. A number of American spies had said that they were not interested in acquiring intelligence regarding the controversial presidential campaign of Donald Trump from the Russian. The alleged kremlin nationals are said to have some sought of special relationship with cybercriminals from Eastern Europe and the Russian intelligence community.

The Russian national would go ahead to produce a possibly fabricated and unverified data involving Donald Trump and other players in the campaign instead of giving the hacking tools to the National Security Agency. The information included pupated intelligence data from Moscow, emails and bank records. The US intelligence community suspended the terms that had earlier been agreed regarding the $1 million deal because they were afraid of being involved in a Russian scandal that would cause some serious misunderstanding within the US government. The intelligence officials were also cautious to release the information as they feared to cause a political fallout both at the White House and the Capitol Hill.

The CIA declined to make any comments on the negotiations that had taken place between the seller from Russia and the US intelligence community. The NSA which is the federal agency that produced a majority of the hacking tools that the Americans sought to have recovered said that they are the only federal agency in the American intelligence community that has clearance to have classified information protected by their employees for posterity. In the negotiations that were carried out in Germany, the American officials used a US businessman based in Munich as an intermediary to preserve deniability.

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