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ABC’s hit reality show “The Bachelor,” in which a man looks for love among a talented group of women, has entered its 22nd season. It now airs Mondays at 8 p.m. And, this year, competitor Kendall Long is playing an important role.

Arie Luyendyk Jr., a race car champion who has also made a fortune in real estate, is this year’s lucky bachelor. He’s 36 and the son of Arie Luyendyk, a racer who won the Indianapolis 500 twice.

Kendall’s personality and temperament sparkle on “Bachelor.” She’s confident, caring, fair, calm, warm, and fun. She doesn’t attack other competitors, but she does speak her mind when necessary. On top of that, she has a great sense of humor. In short, Kendall definitely earned the rose that Arie gave her earlier this year.

In the real world, Kendall’s personal qualities make her an outstanding leader in the fields of entertainment and media.

Kendall Shines in Episode 6

In the sixth episode of this year’s “Bachelor,” Kendall proved to be a standout.

The gang traveled to Paris for four dates. By the end of the episode, Krystal, Jenna, and Chelsea had exited the show, and Kendall was ready to go to Tuscany for the next adventure.

Once they arrived in the City of Light, Arie and Lauren went to a street market together, but the two didn’t have much to say to each other. In part, that’s because Lauren seems to be a somewhat introverted person. At one point, though, Arie did reveal a painful episode from his past. A girlfriend broke up with him after she suffered a miscarriage.

Later, there was a group dance lesson and contest at the Moulin Rouge, the renowned Parisian cabaret. Yes, the women wore those elaborate can-can costumes. Bekah was victorious and got to dance with Arie in front of a crowd. Afterwards, Arie joined the ladies at a cocktail party, and he presented Bekah with a rose. That flower wasn’t for her dancing triumph; it was for the personal connection he felt they made.

Next, Krystal, Kendall, and Arie took a trip to the country. Krystal and Kendall first had to complete a maze, and Krystal won. However, her moment of glory faded quickly.

In a private conversation, Arie asked Krystal about her angry outburst in Fort Lauderdale, which viewers saw in the previous episode. Krystal responded by criticizing Kendall, essentially saying that Kendall wasn’t ready to get serious with Arie.

Kendall found out about those remarks and discussed them with Krystal. She explained that, in her view, Krystal was letting anger and emotional pain consume her.

Finally, Arie took Jacqueline on a shopping excursion, and their personalities seemed to click. Jacqueline is working on her doctorate, and Arie was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her intelligence. Nevertheless, he found her to be down-to-earth and charming.

A key takeaway of this episode was the mature and levelheaded way Kendall behaved.

A Star on TV and Behind the Scenes

Kendall’s background prepared her well for television fame.

Kendall Long, now 26, grew up in California with a twin sister named Kylie. The sisters are alumnae of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Kendall majored in multimedia communications, and she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2014.

In her spare time, Kendall sings and plays the ukulele. In fact, on her personal YouTube channel, you can listen to her singing the songs she’s composed and a variety of covers.

Kendall is an amateur photographer as well. She loves capturing exciting images of nature. She’s also a runner, and she competed in track in high school and college.

Perhaps Kendall’s most unusual hobby is collecting pieces of taxidermy. In fact, one of her ex-boyfriends once gave her the stuffed hand of an alligator grasping a heart-shaped piece of iron. She really liked that present.

While still a student at the university, Kendall began building her career. She was hired as a videographer and production assistant, among other positions.

Since graduating from college, Kendall has taken on important jobs on a number of television shows, including “Dare to Wear” on TLC, “Ridiculousness” on MTV, “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” on Comedy Central, and the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians 10th Anniversary Special” on E! Entertainment.

Today, Kendall works for a Beverly Hills media firm called WhoHaha, which specializes in promoting and giving platforms to female comedians. At this company, Kendall is a creative director, and she helps oversee the art department as well.

As an interesting tidbit, Kendall has appeared on reality television before. She and Kylie once competed together on NBC’s “Fear Factor.”

Whatever twists and turns this season of “Bachelor” takes, there’s no doubt that Kendall will remain a trendsetter. And maybe she’ll have a reality show of her own one day. In any event, Kendall Long is sure to make her classmates at the Academy of Art University proud for a long time to come.

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