Brain Kolb drops out of New York’s Governor’s race.

On Friday Brian Kolb a Gubernatorial seat aspirant and also an Assembly minority leader shocked the public when he broke the news that he had decided to withdraw from the race to the New York’s topmost seat. His announcement for dropping his bid for the seat was because he felt he needed to spend more time with his family .Mr. Brian was initially bidding the governor’s seat on a Republican ticket. This news was received with much joy and happiness to his rivals who felt the road was now smoother.

With Brian’s exit from the race, there was left with two major announced candidates, the former Erie County executive Joel Giambra and the state Sen. Mr. John De Francisco. With these two candidates remaining in the race the GOP field was now leveled and the competition was not as intensified as before. The process for electing the governor would also be easier for the public since they didn’t have many candidates to choose. With Brian out, De Francisco becomes the immediate Republican favorite for the gubernatorial race. The reason behind this is because several party leaders had raised concerns about Giambra’s consistency in politics and also due to the previous support that he showed to some Democrats.

It’s obvious that Brian was on the upper hand to grab the gubernatorial seat. Since he announced his interest to bid for the seat, a large percentage from the Republican state had had showed him unending support compared to his two rivals. Though this was not the public expected, Brian announced that he was not ready to be away from his family. The campaigns would see him spend a lot of time in the political field leaving his family with a very small percentage of his time.

Brian made a statement saying that he couldn’t bear leaving his incredible wife and kids at home and be traveling for days, weeks and months without a glance of his adorable family. He continued to say that bidding his wife bye in the morning made him realize what was more important and that helped him give his family the first priority. Brain went ahead to thank all friends, activists, donors, businesses, leaders, and volunteers for their unrelenting support. He did not forget to recognize all the state committee and Republican chairs across the state that stood with him firmly.

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